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All Grown Up (well, Nearly!)

Tucker's registered name with the TWHBEA is "Ladd's Credible Threat" and he will be 4 in April 2004. He has been the main source of comic entertainment--and remodeling--in the barn since arriving as a yearling from Bill & Sandy Ladd's Walking L Ranch in Angeles Forest, in S. California. He is a dead ringer for his papa, "Threats Noble Trace" (a.k.a. "Mikey") by the World Grand Champion, "Triple Threat."  Tucker's daddy will be 29 this year and is still producing smart, big bodied, sweet tempered and did I mention SMART(?) offspring.

April 5, 2005: Another big WOOOOO HOOO For Tucker!!! He earned his first blue ribbon in driving at the NWPHA "Hairy Horse Show" at Ridge Rider's Arena in West Covina on April 4th. He also cleaned up the competition, winning first place in the trail pleasure class against a whopping 19 entries!!! I am a happy hossie mommie!!!

January 31, 2005: Wooooooohooooo! Tucker ribboned in a whopping 10 classes on Jan. 23rd at the Ridge Rider's Show in West Covina.
2 firsts, 2 seconds, 5 thirds and very proud 5th place in sidesaddle equitation, our first time showing sidesaddle. Tucker is now in driving training with Joe Galarza at Farms of Tadae.

UPDATE March 15, 2004: Extra carrots for Tucker today! He earned his first ribbon in his very first class in his very first show on Sunday, March 14th. Tucker took 5th place out of 10 entries in the Junior Horse Trail Pleasure 2-Gait class at the National Plantation Walking Horse Association (NPWHA) "Hairy Horse Show" in Winchester, CA.

On Saturday, March 13, 2004, Tucker completed an 8-hour "despooking clinic" at O'Neill Park. The Sensory and Obstacle Training Course was taught by Marc Hedgepath who runs the mounted police training programs for the Anaheim Police, Orange County Sheriff's Dept and various other Mounted Assistance Units (MAU's) in S. Calif. Tucker was one of the first horses in the group to tackle the TeeterTotter bridge (after he killed it by pounding it into submission with newly shod front feet!!!!) and the incredibly scary "car wash" obstacle (tunnel of PVC pipes with shredded tarps, caution tape, pool noodles, Xmas decorations and all manner of other scary, floaty, flappy things hanging down...with tarps, campaign signs and a manikin with an umbrella at the other end!) Hey, Tucker! Those shiny pie plates flapping in your face are NOT for eating

As of February 2004, Tucker is 15.2 hands and STILL GROWING. So much for the rule of thumb that a mare's first offspring will be small, eh? He was started at Thanksgiving, 2003 (big thanks to Sabine and Stacy for their help during Tucker's first couple of rides!)...Tucker is the first horse I've ever raised, started and trained by myself. He is doing great on trail now and got his first set of shoes (on the front anyway) this month.


Tucker modeling his firsts and seconds from the Ridge Rider's Show on Jan. 23rd. Also sporting his winter "trace clip."

He's A Drivin' Man!

Here's Tucker sportin' his fancy blue ribbon in driving from the NPWHA show on April 4th, 2005. Although I drove him in warmup, I let my trainer, Joe Galarza, take him in the class.

Who knew I could be SOOOO thrilled with 5th Place???

Tucker modeling his VERY FIRST ribbon from his VERY FIRST horse show, the National Plantation Walking Horse Assoc. (NPWHA) "Hairy Horse Show" in Winchester, CA, March 14th, 2004. Class was "Junior Horse Trail Pleasure 2-Gait" with 10 entries.

Feb. 2005...learning to drive!


Sidesaddle duds (Jan 2005)

First time in a "real" show and our first time showing sidesaddle...great fun! Three tack and outfit changes in one show was a bit harrowing though! Tucker and I earned a 5th place ribbon...our first ever riding sidesaddle. Yippee!

Tucker at 38 months in June '03 at 15 hand (for now)

This picture was taken after Tucker received his first "grown up" hair cut and trim. I never did find all the pieces to my clippers...I think he ate them.

"Baby" Tucker at 17 months

Tucker's other favorite pasttime has been "mud pig"...and the interest developed early!