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Reviving a 1,000 Year Old Extreme Sport!

I fell in love with Jousting years ago when I used to attend Renaissance wasn't until 2002 that I tried it for myself. I was immediately addicted and so was Bo who took to it in a heartbeat. There are lots of styles of jousting. The one I'm doing the most with now is the version introduced by the SCA (Soc. for Creative Anachronism), using three part lances with friable tips. I've also used the solid lances and heavy shields used by the AJA (American Jousting Alliance). In 2005, I joined the IJA (International Jousting Association) to learn their style.

Me Crossing Lances With Sir Edward (of An Tir), June 2005

At West Kingdom's Crown Tourney I took part in a joust on the fighter eric. This is a shot of me and Sir Edward of An Tir in his full Polish Winged Hussar kit.

Jousting in the WCJA Tournament in Sonora, CA Sept. 2004

Bo and I won a bronze medal in a "light contact jousting" division that was added to the WCJA's Sonora International Jousting Championships held Sept. 11 - 12, 2004 in Sonora, CA. In these pics, I'm in black and white "particolored" tabard and Bo is wearing matching barding. He was also the smallest horse in the competition!! Despite the jokes by the other competitors that he was a "shetland pony" Bo gave his all at the competition in Sonora, despite the 1000 people in the stands, 100-degree weather, and me in 40lbs of armor!

When I wasn't jousting, I watched what had to be THE best jousting show I've ever seen! It was like nothing I've ever encountered before. There is no way ANY of what the light or heavy division competitors did could be conceived of as faked, choreographed or planned. It was true sport jousting at it's most period...the ultimate medieval extreme sport!

Sonora International Jousting Championship Web Site

Me Riding "Moe" at a Jousting Lesson in Frazier Park

Moe is a moose. The shield is heavy and the lance too...

Jousting at the Altavia Anniversary Tournament, May 8, 2004

Lord Nils met Lady Ariadne in the lyst at high noon. The contest was 3 lances a piece. When each missed and then scored two breaks a piece, the Herald, (played admirably that day by the dashing Baron Robear) asked if the jousters would like to score a draw to take satisfaction. Both agreed to satisfaction, and thus the two contenders made another round of passes until it was decreed that Lady Ariadne was the victor...and Lord Nils swore revenge, with mounted combat and swords if necessary when they tilt again....

Lances Break!!!


Taking Aim

You can't see it for the helm, but underneath it, I'm grinning. This jousting stuff is so much fun!