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Pictures of My Leading Man "Bo"...He only "looks" like a Quarter Horse!

Bo and me at the WCJA Sonora International Jousting Championships

It was hot. It was exhausting. It was the most fun anyone can possibly have on four legs. Need I say more?

This picture is of us at the Championship in Sonora, CA Sept. 12th after we'd been awarded our medal. When the rest of the competitors were mounted on 2000lb, 18hh Percherons, Cream Drafts and Belgians, it's not surprising that at "only" 15hh and 1100lbs, Bo had to put up with being called a "Shetland Pony." He brushed off the insults and showed them what a "little horse" can do.

The consummate equine professional, Bo loves to work! Whether it's ponying one of the babies, taking me out on competitive trail rides, going all out in limited distance AERC endurance events, team penning (or just chasing cows), tilting the quintain or jousting, Bo gives it his all every time.

One of my favorite pictures of Bo and me (NATRC CTR, June 2002)

We did two LD endurance rides and decided to "go for it" the summer of 2002 doing our first OPEN level NATRC ride at Cachuma Lake in Santa Ynez. Bo went top 5 horse in our weight division. Boy, was he ever fit!!!

Bo at 2001 Cachuma River NATRC ride
Bo and I have been together since 1997. An import from Missouri, Bo's registered name is "Bonita Danny Bar RW." He is AQHA and NFQHA with cutting horse bloodlines. Not only does he love competitive trail and limited distance endurance, he also taught me to "chase" cows. Nowadays, he's putting his speed, hard stops and turn-on-dime talents to work as a Medieval Equestrian Games mount in the SCA.
Scenery To Die For...Thanks To Bo!

Bo, left, and Cher (now in Oklahoma) right. This pic is from 2000. Oh, I'm the ugly one in the middle in case you were wonderin'.

Bo and I at our very first NATRC ride in 1997.