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"Singlefooters" I've Imported From Alberta, Canada

Beginning in 2002, my mother, Sally, and I imported Equinox Shir Khan, from Claudia Pequin's Eqinox Acres Farm in Sunset House, Alberta. Shir Khan is a NASHA registered singlefooter and a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse.  Shir Khan is now owned by Sue W. in Oregon and enjoying a competitive distance riding/endurance career.

Then came Equinox Stormy Weather, loved by Delana H. in Arizona, and Equinox Beauty (Belle), now in Washoe Valley, NV with Billie B......

Although we have not imported any more horses from Canada ourselves, I'm glad to say that there are more NASHA horses from Alberta in the United States now.  If you are interested in your own NASHA horse, please contact:

Claudia Pequin's Equinox Acres, NW Alberta, Canada

Links to Claudia's Equinox Acres website for her farm in NW Alberta. Claudia is a vet, her husband an equine dentist. Together they breed NASHA-registered single footing horses on a foundation of Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain bloodlines.

Amber Applegates "Applegait'n Endurance Horses"

Amber is a fellow convert to NASHA Single Footers like me...she also happens to be blowing the socks of the competition in AERC limited distance and 50-mile endurance rides with her NASHA-registered half TWH, half Rocky Mountain horse named "Equinox D'Artagnon"  from the same Equinox Acres farm in Alberta, Canada that bred Equinox Beauty, Equinox  Stormy Weather and Equinox Shir Khan.

Equinox Beauty (BELLE)

Equinox Beauty (aka Belle or Bella) was imported in the fall of 2003. She is a gorgeous, 1998 black, North American Singlefooting mare (NASHA) that is also eligible for registration as a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse (KMSHA) and Rocky Mountain Horse (RMHA). Beauty is out of a very nice NASHA-approved, well-gaited TWHBEA mare, "Invasions Treasure" by Equinox Acres' original herd sire, the chocolate RMHA-approved stallion, Equinox Frosty Top (a.k.a. "Bubba"). Belle  arrived in S. California in October, 2003...and has stolen the heart of everyone who has met her so far! She is 14.3hh and built very stout with lots of "bone", big, hard bare feet.

Bella is now loved by Billie B., in Washoe Valley, NV.

Equinox Stormy Weather ("Stormy")

Stormy is a 1995 gelding out of a NASHA-registered Saddlebred mare by Claudia Pequin's RMHA/NASHA stallion, Equinox Frosty Top (now retired). He was imported in March of 2003 for our friend Delana H. as her first horse. It was love at first sight for Delana! Stormy is 14hh, and easy keeper with hard feet ideal for barefoot trail riding. He is a dark chocolate color like his father and his mane is flaxen in summer.

Stormy lives with Delana and her family in Queen Creek, AZ.

Equinox Shir Khan

Shir Khan is the horse that started it all! A 1998 NASHA registered single footer, Khan is also DNA-typed and registered with the Kentucky Mtn Saddle Horse Assoc. (KMSHA). He is a 14.2hh red chocolate gelding with a flaxen mane and tail. From the minute he arrived in California in October 2002 as a green broke four year old, he was a barefoot gaiting fool, with a lovely slow singlefoot and medium "singlefoot" gait and a flying rack that I once clocked at nearly 12mph on the roadway near my house. Shir Khan won third place/horse in the novice division at the Descanso NATRC ride in September 2003. He made his debut in Limited Distance endurance at an AERC ride in January 2004 ridden by my friend Melody Ward.  (The picture at left is of Shir Khan and my mother, Sally, in November 2002.)

Shir Khan now lives in Oregon with Sue W. and has completed several 50 mile endurance rides with her so far.