Tribute to "Sparky"...
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In Memorium
November 2000 -- July, 21st, 2003

Sparky died doing his duty, to protect "his" horses from an un-horse savvy pup, and in protecting both, took a fatal kick to the head. All this while I was away in first vacation away from my animals in several years.

Sparky: My best friend, closest companion, and the best trail-ridin', truck-drivin', goat-herding, horse-trailerin' buddy that ever lived. You found me, loved me, took care of me, followed me unquestioningly anywhere, and forever changed my life.
May you find all the tennis balls in heaven and play fetch with the angels for as long as they will throw them for you.I will love you and cherish your memory always. You will never be replaced. My heart is heavy in losing you, but I am richer in spirit for having had you in my life.
Thank you for choosing me as your human.~natalie

Sparky was my first Australian Cattle Dog (aka "Queensland" or "Blue" Heeler). He stole my heart and when I lost him, I decided to see what I could do to help other members of this wonderfully loyal, hard working, immensely intelligent but often misunderstood breed find their "forever homes." I now support New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue and Rehoming, a breed rescue group based in Phoenix, AZ.