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Pictures from various medieval equestrian events (2003-2004)


Me & my "destrier"
I am known in the SCA as "Lady Ariadne De Glevo"

Lady Katherine de Whitacre Aboard Her Destrier and Decked Out In Green 14th Century "barding"
Lady Katherine, and her "lord" Don Andre, are both members of the Altavian Equestrian Guild.
This is pigsticking...and yes, it's HARD!


Ariadne and Bo Discover There's A Lot Less Room At The End of The Ring Tilt Course Than Anticipated!


Ariadne on "Bo" preparing to enter the lyst to joust against Lord Nils at the Great Western War in October, '03
Lady Cynthia of Dunbar schools her steed, Ansel, at the quintain


I borrowed Lord Andre's "Winged Rabbit" barding for this Publicity shot for the AJA. I'd think twice about challenging this lady jouster, wouldn't you?

Ring Tilting
Queen's Equestrian Champion tournament, June 2003